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Virtual Assistants Philippines: Option to Avoid Common Hiring Problems

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Options to Avoid Common Hiring Problems

If you comb the internet about the common problems of hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines, most of the posts and articles, which have been written, boil down only into three primary issues.

These drawbacks are real. These are supported by facts and it is evident when you happen to read Philippine newspapers or listen to Philippine news channels.

Slow internet connection. The Internet is the heart of any online work, right? This is the thing that allows us to work remotely and to connect with clients located on the other side of the globe.

Online based careers and businesses thrive because of the internet but a slow internet connection can also shut down or destroy it. Sadly, this problem is beyond the control of any Filipino Virtual Assistants.

Maybe the internet connection is better in Manila, the country’s capital, compared to other urban areas in the Philippines. No doubt, this is a struggle faced by every Filipino online worker.

Power outage. Due to its geographical location, the Philippines is prone to typhoons that range from mild rainfall to catastrophic typhoons that can wipe out villages. When it happens, power outages or interruptions are inevitable which can go for a few hours or days or in worst situation weeks.

Whenever there's a typhoon, it is also natural to have disruptions in internet connections.

Another factor also is the general electrical power supply in the Philippines. There are regions wherein power plants require more maintenance maybe because these plants don’t have the latest state of the art technologies and cannot handle the increasing power demands of the retail consumers and industrial consumption.

Again, this is an unfortunate circumstance that is not within the control of any Filipino Virtual assistants.

Time Difference. Well, this is dependent on where you are located. For those who are in Australia and other neighboring countries of the Philippines, this is not a problem.

But of course, when you are on the other side of the globe like the United States, the time difference is significant. You are just taking your breakfast in the morning while your virtual assistant in the Philippines is having her dinner time.

This time difference comes as part of the package when hiring Filipino virtual assistants. This is simply the case unless they are somewhere else outside the Philippines.

These common problems when hiring Filipino virtual assistants are real but unfortunately, it is something that they cannot workaround unless they take a leap and drastic measures. For instance, they relocate to bigger cities where internet connection is better and there are many malls to run in case there are any power interruptions. Generally, big malls in the city have power generators to sustain any power cuts so coffee shops and working space can be a haven for online workers during this stressful time.

However, there’s also an option to hire Filipino virtual assistants who are situated outside the country. They can be in Singapore, Thailand, or in the Middle East where internet connection is faster and the power shortage is less to happen.

The only drawback is that most of them are generally holding a full-time job and working online is their side hustle. If you are looking for part-time Filipino virtual assistants, this can be an option to look into.

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